Make duplicate copies of this calendar entry upload???

Use a single calendar entry for any news release that is about a single event with one name.

Make duplicate copies of your calendar entry if/when your news release is about multiple events with different names and different dates.

This includes season announcements, performance series, and similar. (DO NOT USE FOR FILM FESTIVALS.**)

To save time by duplicating your calendar entry, follow these steps–


  1. Enter the entire news release as a MISC (miscellaneous) event.


  1. Click DUPLICATE to automatically populate a copy of your entry WITHOUT the Miscellaneous Category, EVENT NAME, or DATE info.


  1. Give the second (third, fourth etc.) entries different EVENT NAMES


  1. Select a more specific category for that single event (theater, dance, art, music, museum, travel—Do NOT make this single event “MISC”)


  1. Enter correct date info for that single event.


By duplicating your calendar entry you save time—your duplicate entry will automatically copy/paste and input the organization name, best URL, PR contact email, if open to review,  photo location, and copy the news release.

**Please enter Film Festivals in the MISCELLANEOUS category and also send an email to [email protected] specifying which films have screener links for reviewers.